About us

We are safety enthusiasts who believe everyone should have safety and security advice at their fingertips.

After our neighborhood became the target of a series of burglaries, i started researching the best ways to stay safe in and out of my home. I was constantly on the lookout for the new and latest security device to aid in the protection of my home and valuables. 

From what started as a necessity to protect whats mine, has now turned into a fountain of security and safety knowledge that i intend to share with you all here at SafetyandSafes.com

Although i am no expert; i have gained a certain level of knowledge and understanding over the years that gives me a unique insight into what is really needed when looking for the best security products. My insight and full comprehensive research allows me to give you a full breakdown of security and safety measures as well as product advice that you can trust.

You will find actionable advice on a range of safety and security topics as well as researched products that i highly recommend.

Thank you for taking the tame to visit here,